Building An Investment Property with Your Colleagues

Our team is very excited to be embarking on an unusual project in 2021. We’re building a multi-unit development in the heart of Doncaster East, but instead of crafting this project for external clients – the investors are all staff members of Costas Constructions!

It’s a way for our team to discover first-hand what our service includes and means they have the opportunity to reap some pretty serious rewards when the build is complete. The project, while unusual, is something director George Costas has been looking at for some time.

“I’ve always wanted to do a team development to share the end-to-end experience with the team, so we can all appreciate and fine tune our skills and add more value to every development we manage,” says George.

George had spent many years looking for a suitable site location, but it wasn’t until recently that he found the East Doncaster property – set to feature four townhouses, each with three bedrooms and either double or single garages. Costas Constructions are currently building at two other sites on the same street, so it seemed like the perfect fit when this property came on the market.

The building process

The process of building this development will be exactly the same as usual, but with input from our staff instead of external clients. So far, the Costas team have been involved with design refinements, internal fit out choices, colour selections and other specifications.

The target market for the completed townhouses is young professionals who are looking for a low-maintenance, contemporary home. This means we have prioritised open plan living, included plenty of bathrooms, bedrooms and office spaces in the floorplan and will complete four fully landscaped courtyards.

Maximising profits for our team

As with all our projects, we want to maximise profits so we will generate a substantial return for all involved. This saw us undertake an initial feasibility study on the development. While the site purchased came with approved plans and permits, we revised and improved this plan to ensure the completed spaces would be as liveable as possible. We also want to give the development plenty of street appeal, which has seen us choose a striking modern façade that will stand out among more typical homes on the street.

As with our other developments, this Doncaster East project will adhere to our streamlined processes that ensure quality, budgets and deadlines are maintained – from structural engineering design, down to the materials that we’re using.

We are so thrilled to be getting stuck in this very personal project and we cannot wait to share the final results with you. Make sure you’re following us on Instagram and Facebook for regular on-site updates from this exciting build.


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