Duplex Developer in Melbourne

Duplex property development by local experts

Investing in a custom home is the ideal way to get a dual occupancy or duplex property that works for you. Instead of choosing from pre-built options, a duplex home design build project can give you the freedom to create a custom design with a team of specialist home builders to make your ideas a reality. If you want a custom, multi-unit build in Melbourne, Costas Constructions have the skills and expertise you need.

While traditional houses may have easy planning permits and requirements, duplexes and dual occ properties require expertise and industry experience to get everything right. Our team has decades of experience as dual occupancy builders, making us the ideal choice for town planning and the design and construction of side by side properties.

What is a duplex developer?

Duplex developers specialise in the designing and building of dual occupancy and duplex buildings. As a local Melbourne expert, our team at Costas Constructions are skilled home builders for a wide range of duplex projects. Whether you have a particular design or style in mind or you need expert guidance, we’re used to working closely with clients to deliver the best results possible.

Why hire duplex developers in Melbourne?

If you plan to build a duplex, hiring a team that understands the ins and outs and requirements of these unique build projects is to your advantage. With specific planning and permit requirements for duplex builds, a knowledgeable team can give you peace of mind, reduce the stress of a custom home and allow you to take the hands-off approach to your duplex build.

We make duplex home design and development easy

Costas Constructions is a team you can rely on to make duplex development look easy. Our extensive experience as duplex developers across Melbourne and our local connections with suppliers and planning departments offer you the advantage of the most straightforward process possible, from the very first plans to when you’re handed your new keys. Our team aims to make duplex home design as easy as possible, providing the results you want while we handle all the hard work.

How Costas Constructions can help you

As dedicated dual occupancy and duplex developers with experience on many projects and constructions, Costas is your ideal option to handle development from planning to paperwork, surveying to the final build. If you’re looking for a local team to design a custom duplex for you, from ultra-modern to classic styles, Costas Constructions delivers on the results you’re looking for.

Want to learn more? Speak to our friendly team of specialist duplex developers today to find out how we could help you. With expertise across a wide range of the latest design, planning and construction techniques, we’re the top choice for duplex developer services in Melbourne. Get in touch today to find out more.