Function or Design: What Is More Important In An Investment Property?

When it comes to investment in the Australian property market, understanding the financial and personal value of function and design can go a long way. Whether you’re leading an expansive portfolio or only just commencing your journey with your first property, determining which element to prioritise is a great way to ensure your investment is an informed and profitable decision.

With the fluctuation of property values and economic forces within the property market, starting out with all the right information is crucial to setting yourself up for success. Read on for our expert insight into how function and design can go hand in hand in creating a high-value investment property.

What is function & design?

If you’re planning a new property design, there are a myriad of considerations to take into account. One of the first things you’ll have to review is how function and form come into play in your space.

Design is about the aesthetic appearance of a building, while function refers to the practicality and modernised operation of the space created. We recommend selecting features that establish flexibility and duality – allowing your design elements to follow the footsteps of function first.

Think double glazed windows that allow access to natural light, open-plan layouts that enhance movement between indoor and outdoor living spaces, and high-quality materials and fixtures that ensure cost-effective construction and long-lasting luxury.

Design follows function

Accompanied by outstanding construction, the function of your space is undoubtedly the most important of the two design principles, and should be duly prioritised. While design is an integral aspect to any build, practicality is the ultimate factor that should influence your final decisions. Sacrificing function for the sake of impractical design will result in a property that may look incredible but will end up having awkward unusable spaces and possible costly mistakes.

The design of your home can have a significant impact on the liveability and success of your property. A home that lacks in functional design elements is exposed to possible greater financial risk and loss of property value. You must weigh up your options and choose the outcome that is going to add the most value to your space. Avoid design elements that will result in a lack of accessibility, increased running costs and loss of storage space, lighting or ventilation.

Finding a balance

Our recommendation on how to integrate stylish design within convenient functionality is to incorporate smart performance features. Create a property that is distinguished by striking features that serve a purpose, will withstand the test of time and enable a cost-effective operation for use and maintenance.

We encourage you to engage with a team of experienced architects and builders that can bring your vision to life. By briefing the expectations of your investment to a set of skilled professionals, the process can be managed and realigned to create a property that fits the specifics of your relevant market needs. By seamlessly incorporating functional features with an attractive and timeless design that considers market demand, you will be able to achieve a property of optimal value.

Are you searching for a builder who understands how to strike a balance between function and design? Get in touch with Costas Constructions today.