Property Developer Ashwood

Professional construction services from start to finish

Are you thinking of property investment in the Ashwood area? Whether you’re considering the construction of a high-density, multi-unit property or you’d like to build townhouses, Costas Constructions is here to ensure a short, easy process from the very first plan to the final build. We’re a company you can trust to do it all the right way.

Property development from industry veterans

More than two decades of experience in construction makes Costas uniquely qualified for end-to-end project management and additional services for dual occupancy properties, units and more. We work across the Melbourne area, including Ashwood, and deliver excellent results for our clients every single time. For projects that are on schedule and on time, we’re the team for the job.

What we do

As a highly experienced and skilled team with access to a network of specialists, we cover all aspects of property development from the first steps to the last. Here’s how we do it:

  • Comprehensive project management – end-to-end support for successful construction
  • Personalised planning and design – we tailor everything to you and your schedule
  • Outsourced, reliable engineering – our wider network delivers on reports, checks and more
  • Optional drawing and document management – leave it all in our hands
  • High-end construction – we’re the best builder for high-quality results

We provide professional project management

Not every developer has the free time to manage every single detail of their property investment in Ashwood. That’s where Costas Constructions come in. With experience in managing projects of all shapes and sizes from start to finish, we pay close attention to detail and ensure the best possible outcome for your building design.

In-house design and planning services

If you’ve not yet completed planning and submissions for your upcoming project, let us handle it. First, our expert team can create building designs and plans to suit your goals and needs. Then, with our local connections and extensive experience, we can ensure all submissions are fast, successful and on your schedule.

Expert engineering network at your disposal

We outsource all engineering works to our tried-and-tested network of professional engineers in Ashwood and Melbourne. So whether you need general checks and surveys carried out or require all technical planning and specifications through a civil engineer, we ensure all the boxes are ticked and your development is ready to go.

Add-on documentation and drawing solutions

Want every aspect of your property investment handled for you? As an additional service, we can also provide all required documentation and drawings to ensure your project meets every legal standard for a safer and faster building process as a whole.

Construction carried out by reliable professionals

We’re construction specialists with vast amounts of experience in townhouses, multi-unit properties and luxury, high-end buildings. Costas Constructions is your perfect builder partner for your upcoming property development. Our highly-trained team works hard to ensure your vision and reality perfectly align for results you’ll love.

Speak to Costas Constructions

Have an upcoming project in mind in the Ashwood area? We’re here to help. Contact us today to find out more about our end-to-end project management and construction service. We make property investment easier every step of the way.