Property Developer Croydon Hills

Property development specialists for Melbourne investors

Are you considering investing in property in Croydon Hills? With more than 20 years of experience, our team at Costas Constructions are the capable hands you need. We’ve worked on countless properties across Melbourne, from building designs for subdivision and dual occupancy to multi-unit and townhouse builds. Get in contact to learn more.

What we do

Our comprehensive services as a developer in Croydon Hills includes everything you need to go hands-off on your next property project. Here’s what we can do:

• Personal project management – we handle every aspect of the build, from design to construction
• Drawing and design services – our skilled network delivers excellent results for speedy submission
• Every survey included – we meet every compliance measure with a full range of surveys and checks
• Paperwork professionals – our expert team can handle your admin if you don’t have the time
• High-quality builders – our stellar reputation makes us the best builder for your investment

Professional project management to get your project going

Our project management services span the entire length of your investment, creating a streamlined and practical design, planning and construction process. Our expertise in project management for high-density properties, multi-unit builds, and more ensures the highest standard of service with no delays along the way.

Design and plan with local experts

We work with a hand-picked team of local architects and specialists to bring your vision to reality. With extensive experience in local Croydon Hills planning and submissions, we ensure that your plans pass all necessary approvals swiftly to prevent delays or disappointment.

Compliance-first development

Ensuring your investment complies with local regulations and safety standards is a crucial part of our service. We work with a network of local surveyors and engineers to ensure every aspect of the build meets necessary standards, from general soil surveys and environmental checks to structural tests.

Leave the admin with our capable team

Don’t want to spend the limited time you have on filling out paperwork? As an optional service, our team can handle all of the admin involved in property investment and development for you. We’ll ensure everything is completed accurately and filed on time to get all those boxes ticked.

Specialised construction that suits your investment

Working with a reliable builder is a top priority, whether you’re planning a high-density investment or dual occupancy townhouse build. Costas Constructions has two decades of expertise in the Melbourne market. Our professional, highly-trained team ensures all plans are followed down to the letter for professional construction you can trust.

Bring us on board

Are you still considering whether a property investment in Croydon Hills is suitable for you? With our expert services as a developer, investment is easier than ever. Get in touch with us today to discuss the services and options available from our skilled, professional team.