Property Developer in Ashburton

End-to-end project management to construction services

If you plan to develop property in the Ashburton area, picking the right construction service can make all the difference. As specialists in end-to-end developments, Costas Constructions takes the stress and work of development off your hands – leaving you with excellent results every time.

Experienced property development solutions

Handling property development yourself can be a challenging task. With more than 20 years of professional experience as builders in Ashburton and Melbourne, Costas Constructions can take over the day-to-day of managing townhouse, multi-unit, and high-density constructions. You can trust us to produce the results you’re looking for within the time frame you require.

What we do

Our team at Costas Constructions is highly skilled in the work we do. Our service is end-to-end, which means we account for everything every step of the way. Our comprehensive services include:

  • End-to-end project management – we manage your construction from start to finish
  • Specialist planning and design – from creating submissions to the initial design phase
  • Professional engineering – our expert network ensures all technical standards are met
  • Additional drawings and documentation –complete documentation and drawing solutions
  • Professional builders – with 20 years of experience in the construction industry

Professional project management services

If you’re a property developer in Ashburton, handling the ins and outs of a construction project for townhouses or ongoing work on high-density properties can take time away from other work or opportunities. Our team at Costas handles every aspect of managing your property investment, leaving you to enjoy the result on completion.

Planning and design for on-track development

Whether you have plans to build a dual occupancy property or you’d like to start work on a multi-unit building design, our expert team can support you through the planning and designs process. With excellent connections with local councils and plenty of experience, we ensure your development is on time and on track.

Locally sourced engineering services

Through a well-curated network of local engineering specialists, we can ensure all technical building design aspects and individual requirements for your unit or townhouse property investment are met. From general checks and reports through the civil engineering and structural design, we make sure every single box is ticked.

Additional drawing and documentation solutions

Need help in creating the suitable drawings and filing the correct documents in Ashburton? Costas Constructions can help. As an additional service, we can provide high-quality drawings and ensure all relevant documents are completed, filed and accessible as and when needed.

High-quality, results-focused construction

As a builder with decades of experience across the Melbourne area, we’re the tried and tested option for your property development. With high-quality results, excellent supplier connections and a reputation for reliability in our work, Costas can ensure your vision for your property investment matches the reality perfectly.

Talk to our team

Want to build in Ashburton? Costas Constructions are the team to make it happen. If you have development plans for townhouses, multi-unit buildings or any similar projects, chat with our team today to find out what we could do for you.