Looking for an experienced, high-grade development company for your next townhouse construction project? Costas Construction are highly experienced property developers with many years of experience in creating stunning new townhouse construction projects across Melbourne. We combine a talent for attractive home designs with formidable construction and development capacity, ensuring every townhouse development we complete is delivered on time and within a competitive budget. From initial scoping through to final inspections and handover, our townhouse builders can get your development project completed faster than average, for less, and with better results.

Value without compromising on quality

With nearly thirty years of construction experience behind us, we have developed an excellent understanding of the type of multi-unit developments that are most likely to appeal to our clients and their buyers or renters. We know lots of ways to reduce the cost to build, without compromising on the quality of finish or the durability of the construction. For a low townhouse construction cost Melbourne developers discover delivers an excellent ROI, look no further than Costas Construction. Why not ask us for a townhouse construction cost estimate? If you want beautiful multi-dwelling real estate with a cost per square metre that’s extremely competitive, please get in touch.

One-stop construction solution

We’re a builder that’s able to complete every aspect of your development. From initial concept planning and design through to obtaining the necessary planning consents, demolition, construction and post-construction paperwork, our multi-faceted team can take care of the lot. What this means for our clients is an impeccable level of customer service, coupled with skilled assistance at every stage of the development process. We can dovetail with any in-house provision you might have, or project manage your entire development from start to finish.

We get the job done faster!

If you want to see your investment deliver tangible results in a relatively short time, Costas Construction can deliver. Compared with the industry average of 34 months to complete a development, Costas gets a project completed on average in just 21 months! That’s more than an extra year of rentals a developer could have coming in if they use us rather than the competition! Our efficient construction process ensures your development proceeds in a timely fashion. We anticipate problems before they occur, putting in place contingency plans that ensure, even if the unexpected crops up, that your project will continue to stay on schedule.

Nearly thirty years of experience

The main reason we’re able to deliver more profitable projects much faster than most others is that Costas Construction has nearly thirty years of experience in the development and construction business. Over that time, we’ve amassed not only a high level of technical expertise but also a wealth of “soft” information and excellent networks. We enjoy good working relationships with suppliers, planners and other partners in the development process. Our team know what’s needed to satisfy external constraints and requirements, enabling us to ensure the smooth, rapid progress of your construction project. No matter what challenges or surprises your townhouse project might bring, we’ve got the expertise to manage them successfully.

Ask about our portfolio

Over the years we have created a wide variety of developments. With a particular focus on multi-dwelling units, we are also able to build townhouses and a variety of other residential options. We provide unit construction Melbourne property owners can depend on to be attractive, robust and designed with profit in mind. Take a look at our stunning portfolio for some idea of what we can provide.

Get in touch to find out more about our development process, and the options available for a high-grade townhouse or multi-dwelling units.