With an increasing number of new developments now taking place on brown field sites, or on sites where there is already a property, home demolition is an essential precursor to many development projects. We include demolition services as part of the package we provide, using dependable sub-contractors to carry out the work.

Demolition plan

Every demolition job that we facilitate is preceded by a carefully constructed demolition plan that’s designed to meet the specific needs of the client. We are a company that takes a wide range of variables into account when planning how best to approach a house demolition or site demolition job.

Hazardous materials, the potential for gas leaks or the possibility of ancillary damage during the demolition process will all be taken into consideration when designing a suitable demolition project plan. The demolition contractors we use are able to remove materials such as asbestos safely, as well as dispose of them correctly.

We can tailor the services our contractors provide for complete or partial demolition. If required, the demolition crew we use will preserve the structural integrity of the part of the property that’s to remain intact, as well as demolish and clear the part of the property that’s no longer required.

Complete site demolition solution

Having commissioned a number of demolitions across Melbourne, we are familiar with the administrative approvals and permissions that are needed before a demolition operation can take place. As well as design a suitable demolition plan, we are also able to ensure that all the necessary paperwork is in place before the demolition work is carried out.

Safety at the heart of what we do

As experienced project managers, we have an excellent understanding of what safeguards are needed to ensure that every job that we do complies with relevant health and safety legislation. The contractors we use to carry out our demolition are all trained to work in a way that minimises risk to adjoining properties, site workers and the general public.

If you need house demolition Melbourne contractors depend on for fast, cost-effective results, our company can facilitate it. With years of experience in using trusted commercial demolition contractors, we are able to ensure the safe demolition of a wide range of structures. Our team are also able to arrange for the salvage of building materials if required, as well as co-ordinate environmentally responsible disposal of unwanted debris and rubble.

Get in touch with a member of our experienced, knowledgeable team to find out more about what we can offer, or to discuss your demolition project with us in more detail.