Planning and Design

Combining innovation in design with a keen awareness of cost, we are able to create home structure design plans that incorporate modern trends in materials, styling and sustainability. We recognise that it’s still possible to create multi-unit building plans and high-density housing plans that deliver residences that are desirable to both occupants and developers. Drawing on our extensive experience and portfolio of previous projects, we are able to deliver residential buildings that are also beautiful family homes.

Townhouse plans

A common feature of the Melbourne streetscape, townhouses combine elegance and sophistication with a durable investment opportunity. Our detailed townhouse floor plans ensure that our clients have an excellent understanding of our design concepts. They can also be useful if the properties are being sold in advance of construction, giving future homeowners an excellent understanding of what their finished dwelling will look like.

Experienced in townhouse structural design, we create townhouse designs Melbourne people are really eager to live in. As well as floor plans, we can also provide cross sections, aerial depictions and related plans, bringing the design to life.

Multi-unit designs Melbourne

We have worked with a number of developers across Melbourne to deliver multi-unit designs that redefine high-density housing options. Our multi-units are a popular choice with developers, enabling them to generate an attractive RoI. Our team is able to provide a design and project management plan service, as well as carry out the construction work necessary to create the development.

We are able to not only design, but also ensure that all the necessary approvals are in place for the development to go ahead. Our wide network of industry professionals ensures that, in addition to our in-house development and design team, we also have easy access to a network of estate agents, financiers and related professionals who can provide high-grade additional services as and when required.

A leading home builder in the Melbourne area, we are proud of our iconic, cutting-edge designs that stand out for the right reasons. Flawlessly executed through our meticulously detailed management plan and attention to timely, affordable delivery, our home building projects are delivered significantly faster than the industry average, with no compromise on quality.

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