Subdividing land can be a complex, multi-step process that requires a considerable amount of specialist knowledge. We are a project management and development company who are able to assist clients with all aspects of the subdivision process. With particular expertise in the Victoria land subdivision process (subdivision methods vary from state to state), we are able to submit subdivision applications in a timely, economical manner.

Requirements for subdividing land

Before an application for subdividing land is submitted, appropriate planning permission needs to be obtained. Planning permission is granted by the relevant local council. If you don’t already have planning permission in place, our team is able to assist with the process. Once planning permission is in place, an application for subdivision can be submitted.

In the first instance, a title and a diagram of the plot that is going to be subdivided needs to be prepared. That will provide the information needed for initial discussions between the council and the subdivider’s representative.

Subsequently, a suitable land survey and plan for the subdivision needs to be drawn up and submitted by a suitably qualified and experienced land surveyor. This is where we step in: our professional, highly qualified team are able to create plans for a block of land, including details of the proposed type of subdivision. This information is then submitted to the council, and forms the basis on which the council decides whether to approve the application or not.

Council will seek external approvals if necessary

Once the application has been submitted, if necessary the council will liaise with other bodies to ensure that the plan for subdivision complies with relevant regulations and requirements. If all the rules for subdividing land have been met, the council will issue suitable approval.

If there are any issues during the approval process, our team will work with the council to resolve them.

When the approval is granted, it needs to be lodged at Land Victoria. We will do this on your behalf, as part of the comprehensive subdivision service that we provide. Land Victoria will scrutinise the documentation that’s submitted before the plan is registered. During the process, verification of the documents is required. We can take care of that on your behalf, making sure that the subdividing land process goes smoothly. When all the necessary verifications have been obtained, the permission is lodged at the Plan Acceptance department of Victoria Land.

How much does it cost to subdivide land?

The exact cost depends on the amount of complexity an application presents. Estimates range from between $30,000 to $50,000. Our team makes sure that we keep prices low, ensuring that our clients find subdividing land and building on it is a cost-effective choice. Although working out how to go about subdividing land can be difficult, it becomes much easier when you turn to us to get the job done.

We are committed to providing every client with a fast, effective solution to their land subdivision issues. If executed correctly, the subdivision process can be pushed through rapidly, ensuring that proposed developments can stay on schedule. Our team is highly experienced in subdivision processes and paperwork. Proactive and responsive, we are able to work on subdivisions for many different types of project. We have particular expertise in challenging subdivision matters – if you’ve got a complex situation, we’re always happy to get involved and use our experience and knowledge to find a suitable way forward. We have an excellent understanding of how the local council operates, enabling us to frequently find a successful resolution on controversial or difficult subdivision projects.

Contact us to find out more about the application costs and what’s involved to get your subdivision approval confirmed.