Town Planning

Part of almost every construction project, town planning approval is one of the steps in the development process that can create a significant amount of apprehension. Obtaining town planning consent is critical before a project can move forward. Given the damage that a delay in obtaining appropriate planning permission or required permits can cause a project, it’s important to work with a builder that can optimise the chances of speedy planning approval. With nearly thirty years of experience in creating stunning multi-dwelling properties in and around Melbourne, we have a wealth of expertise to draw on when putting a project through the planning processes.

Town planning consultants who know the planning permit systems

Our consultants have an excellent understanding of the planning processes. We know what the likely approval timescales are, as well as have a good idea of where there may be potential delays. Our team builds the timescales into the overall project delivery timetable, ensuring that the timing attendant on planning approvals don’t disrupt construction implementation.

We know the faces behind the paperwork!

Our town planning consultants have worked with state government and local councils on a significant number of projects. In this time, we’ve got to know the town planners, local council members and others who work on the planning permit process. With good working relationships in place, we’re often able to deal directly with the people involved, providing them with the additional information or building permit data they need to approve the project’s plans. By working in partnership with the relevant statutory agencies, we optimise the likelihood of swift approval.

Costas prioritises your goals

Costas Constructions are the builders Melbourne property owners depend on to help them get the necessary planning approvals to move ahead with the development. Whether you’re facing a planning panel for the first time, or need assistance with VCAT appeals, our project management team can provide the expert support needed. When it comes to town planning applications or building permit approval, our aim is always to get you the outcomes you need to move your project forward. Our knowledge of the planning systems enables us to preempt many of the queries and objections that a planning panel might have.

Costas works with planners and decision-makers at all levels to get the necessary approvals and permits in place to keep your project on track.