Property Developer in Burwood East

We’re the specialists in property development

Do you have plans for property investment in the Burwood East area? Whether you’re considering a townhouse, multi-unit or dual occupancy property, Costas Constructions are the ideal choice for the job. From building design to construction, we handle every aspect of development and subdivision for you.

What we do

Our skilled team has the knowledge and experience to make your property investment as easy as possible. Here’s how we do it:

• Skilled project management – we handle everything from start to finish
• Specialist design and panning services – our local connections make approval easy
• Engineering checks included– all surveys and tests carried out by local experts
• Drawing and documentation as needed – we can manage all the little details
• A reputable local builder – our high-quality construction is the best choice for you

We take project management seriously

If you want to take the hands-off approach, our services as a high density and townhouse developer make us the perfect choice. We take control of every part of your property investment, and ensure the work on your unit or property is completed to the highest standard.

Design and planning? We handle it

From creating the first designs to sending planning off for approval, our team ensures all the boxes are checked for a quick and easy development process. Our local Melbourne connections make approval as fast and convenient as possible every time.

Engineering checks completed for you

Ensuring you meet compliance and safety requirements is top of our priority list. We work with a network of skilled engineers to carry out all necessary surveys and checks, ensuring your property investment is above board and ready to go on completion.

We can manage your paperwork for you

Too busy to focus on the small details? Our experienced team at Costas can handle any and all necessary paperwork, ensuring everything is completed on time and on schedule. We ensure all building designs are completed and submitted for you, too.

Construction from reputable industry specialists

As construction experts, Costas is the builder you want to ensure a high-quality finish with the best materials available. Our team of skilled professionals ensure the best possible outcome from every development, with results that match your budget and exceed expectations every time.

Speak to us

Need a trustworthy property developer in Burwood East? Get in touch with Costas today to discuss how we can help make your project a reality. You can trust us to achieve high-quality property development on every single job.