Property Developer Mont Albert

Professional property development solutions across the Melbourne area

Are you investing in a property in Mont Albert? Hiring a local, skilled developer can provide the service you need to go hands-off on your next project. Our team at Costas has more than 20 years of experience in townhouse builds, multi-unit construction and high-density properties in the Melbourne area. Give us a call to get started.

What we do

Why hire Costas? Our friendly, skilled team of builders and project managers ensures your next investment is as practical as possible, whether you’re considering a dual occupancy property or a multi-unit build. Here’s what we do:

• Project management by professionals – our experienced team keeps your project on track
• Local design solutions – we work with a local network for high-quality building design
• Compliance met – our local network of surveyors and engineers ensures everything is above board
• Paperwork management – we handle the little details, so you don’t have to
• Two decades of construction experience – for the construction of subdivisions, townhouses and more

Hands-on project management from industry experts

With our extensive experience and stellar reputation for managing projects as a builder, our team at Costas ensures your investment runs smoothly. Our autonomous approach allows us to make and maintain timelines, ensuring your project runs effortlessly from first approvals to final handover.

Planning and designs done locally

We utilise a curated network of Mont Albert building design experts to create your construction project, ensuring all parameters are met for local requirements. Our council connections make all plan and design submissions as straightforward as possible, with no hitches or delays.

All surveys included as standard

We understand the importance of compliance with local building regulations and laws. Our specialist network of engineers and surveyors covers every avenue, ensuring all checks are completed and protected for safe, risk-free development.

Push the paperwork to us

If you don’t have the time to handle the paperwork required for your property investment, our team has the know-how to manage it for you. We can submit all necessary documentation and information throughout development, leaving you to enjoy the results on completion.

20 years of construction experience

If there’s one thing our team is known for, it’s the quality of our construction services. Our highly-trained team has the resources and knowledge to keep every project on track as part of our developer services with more than two decades of expertise. We use the highest-quality materials and best machinery to achieve excellent results.

Start your next project with a world-class developer

Do you need a reliable developer in Mont Albert? Discuss your needs with our friendly, knowledgeable team today to determine how we could help. We work to your schedule and specifications to deliver incredible outcomes on every development. Speak to us now to discover what we could do for you.