Property Developer in The Basin

Planning a property investment in The Basin? Costas is the team for you

Deciding upon the best place for your next townhouse, multi-unit property, or high-density building is only half the challenge. You need a professional service you can trust for development. Costas Constructions is the ideal solution for your project in The Basin, with extensive experience in development across the Melbourne area.

What we do

Development is what Costas does best. Here’s how we work for you:

• Full project management – we ensure every avenue is covered throughout
• Planning and building design covered – fast submissions and high-quality design every time
• Professional engineering – utilising skills engineers for a range of surveys and compliances
• Documentation and drawing – add on to our services by leaving the details with our team
• Melbourne’s top builder – 20 years of experience in high-end construction

Leave the management of your investment to us

If you’re looking to go hands-off with your property investment, Costas Constructions is the developer you can trust to get the job done. Years of experience in project managing dual occupancy, subdivision and multi-unit builds allows us to run a tight ship from start to finish.

Designs and planning made easy

Let our network of architects and industry specialists create the building design, and we’ll ensure everything is submitted as efficiently as possible. Thanks to our local council connections in The Basin, we’re able to get your project off the ground as swiftly as possible.

Ensure your compliance regulations are met

Our curated network of skilled engineering professionals gets the job done on every project. We work directly with expert services to produce surveys and carry out necessary safety checks. Keeping everything on track and legal is our top priority for your property investment.

We keep on top of the paperwork

Don’t have time to manage the paperwork involved in property investment? We’re here to help. Leave all drawings and documentation in our hands, and we’ll ensure submissions are on time with no unnecessary delays or re-dos.

Costas takes construction up a notch

As specialists in construction, our reputable team can put your plans to work and create the best build on your budget. We work hard to use the best techniques and highest-quality materials on every job. We’ve got a reputation for an exceptional standard of work, and we’ll always go the extra mile to deliver the results you’re looking for.

Want to know more?

Are we the best choice for your next project in The Basin? Speak to our knowledgeable team today to discuss your upcoming investment. Costas Constructions is the team you can rely on to get the work done from townhouses to units.