Property Developer in Vermont

We take the hard work out of property investment and construction

Are you thinking of property investment for a townhouse or multi-unit high-density building in Vermont? Having the ideal developer can make your job easier. Our team at Costas Constructions has the development experience, knowledge, and industry connections make your next subdivision and dual occupancy build easy with high-quality specialist services from start to finish.

What we do

Our development team supports you in the construction of new buildings and unit structures in multiple ways. Here’s how we can help support your next project:

  • High-quality project management – we know the ins and outs of construction from start to finish
  • Planning and design specialisation – we ensure everything is submitted and completed for you
  • Professional engineering services – using the best team sourced in Melbourne
  • Additional services for drawing and documentation – leave it all to us
  • Two decades of experience as a builder – our reputation of high-quality construction is excellent

Leave your project management in our capable hands

Want a developer that does it all? Leave it to us. With years of experience in project management for anything from a townhouse to multi-unit construction projects, we ensure everything runs in peak condition from first design to final sign-off.

Complex designs and planning completed for you

Our network of exceptionally well-qualified architects and specialists ensure all designs are up to scratch. Our local connections in Vermont and Melbourne make it even easier for your submissions to be approved quickly and effectively.

All engineering requirements included

We work with specialist engineers and industry experts to create surveys, complete complex technical plans and ensure your building is above board and meets all necessary safety standards. It’s all a part of the service we offer at Costas.

Need us to manage documentation and drawings?

If you’re short on time as an investor or you want an inclusive service, we can also handle the documentation side of development for you. We work with the experts to ensure the paperwork is in place for your new building design.

Construction from reputable industry specialists

Construction is the heart of our business – it’s in the name. We go above and beyond to provide beautiful finishes for all property investment projects, working within your budget to deliver excellent results on your schedule with no exceptions.

Speak to Costas today

Ready to get started on your Vermont construction project with a skilled developer? If you’re a property investor, get in touch with our team today to discuss how we can provide development for your upcoming project. From start to finish, we provide a service you can trust.