Property Developer Bayswater

High-quality property development from start to finish

Considering expanding your property investment into Bayswater or the surrounding area? Costas are the ideal team for the job, whether you have plans for townhouse construction, property investment in dual occupancy or multi-unit or high-density projects in mind. As skilled construction and project management specialists, we ensure your new investment goes without a hitch.

What we do

How can Costas help you? With extensive experience in development, subdivision and building design, here’s how we can make your property investment plans a reality:

• All-in project management – we handle everything from first design to builder services
• Designed by the experts – our network ensures all designs are compliant and ready for submission
• Suveys? check – From simple surveys to complex engineering reports, we do it for you
• Documentation in one location – we manage all the paperwork, so you don’t have to
• Two decades of construction experience – results you can trust from construction specialists

Leave your development project to us

With more than two decades of experience in construction in Bayswater, we’ve seen it all. Our team are uniquely placed to provide all-inclusive project management, leaving you to take a hands-off approach on your next investment. It’s that easy.

Drawings and designs submitted for you

Our professional network of professional architects and local experts across Melbourne makes drawing up designs, completing blueprints and creating documentation for submission easier than ever. Our local council connection makes approval smooth sailing, saving time and ensuring first-time success on your property investment submission.

All surveys accounted for

Any property development in Bayswater needs to adhere to strict compliances and guidelines. We work with a network of experts to cover all necessary surveys and checks, ensuring your townhouse, multi-unit or dual occupancy investment ticks every single box.

Let us handle the paperwork

Much like any other construction project, your investment will generate plenty of paperwork to wade through. As an additional service, we can take charge of all filing and documentation for you. If you’re looking to go hands-off, Costas can step up.

Five-star construction services

Construction is in our name, and it’s what our team does best. Two decades of builder experience in Bayswater and a stellar reputation for high-quality materials and exceptional technique ensures you’ll be more than happy with our results.

Get ready to invest in Bayswater property

Ready to get your property investment rolling? Call our team today to get the first steps in place. Or fill out our online form, and a member of our friendly team will be in touch soon. Whether you’re an experienced investor or this is your first property investment, we’re here to help.
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