Property Developer in Springvale

Costas Constructions makes property development easy

Considering moving into the Springvale area for your next property investment? As a skilled builder and developer, Costas Constructions is your ideal project partner. We do all the hard work, so you don’t have to, completing townhouse, dual occupancy, and multi-unit projects to the highest possible standards.

What we do

Costas is far more than your average builder. Our team works with specialists across Sydney to deliver the ideal outcome on [projects of all shapes and sizes. Here’s what we do:

• Spot-on project management – we’re on the ball when it comes to smooth, easy development
• High-quality planning and design – our architects and experts deliver excellent results quickly
• Compliance covered – expert engineers carry out all surveys and checks to meet legal requirements
• We handle the paperwork – we can do all your documentation for you as an add-on service
• Reputable building services – 20 years’ experience makes us the best in the business

Project management you can rely on

If you want to go entirely hands-off on your high-density unit project in Springvale, or you want a team you can trust, Costas is the best option for you. Our experience in project management and construction allows us to keep your project trim, preventing delays and ensuring the ideal outcome every time.

Let our architects handle it

From simple drawings to the submission of plans and documentation of subdivision, our wider network of Sydney specialists does it all. We have an excellent rapport with local councils, allowing for a swift and easy application process that keeps your property investment running smoothly.

All compliance considered

High-quality engineering is the standard with all Costas building design projects. We work with industry specialists across Springvale to ensure boxes are ticked. We’ll arrange anything from standard reports to specialist checks to dual occupancy, townhouse, or high-density builds. Leave it to us.

Leave the documentation to us

Our skilled and experienced development team can cover any necessary paperwork for your property investment project, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the results. From timely submissions to compliance requirements, we keep the ball rolling throughout development from start to finish.

Your local, professional builder

As a Sydney-based construction specialist, Costas Constructions has the knowledge and experience to back up our standard of service. Our skilled, hand-picked builders have a reputation for exceptional work, and we’ll never cut corners on materials or techniques. For a luxury outcome that fits neatly in your budget, it’s Costas you want on-site.

Choose Costas for construction in Springvale

Want to know more about why Costas is the best choice for your Springvale investment? Chat to us on the phone today or drop us a line via our contact form. We’re always looking to hear about new projects and ideas across the Sydney area.