Property Developer Vermont South

High-end property developers local to Melbourne

Have big plans for property investment? Our local team of experts is the ideal option if you’re considering hiring a developer in Vermont South. Costas Constructions has more than 20 years of experience delivering excellent results for property investors. Why not talk to us to find out how?

What we do

How can we help? As a trained builder and skilled developer, our team has worked on townhouses, unit and dual occupancy properties across the Melbourne area. Here’s what we could do for you:

• Comprehensive project management – our capable team manages your investment from the start
• Skilled planning and design – we work with local professionals for swift approvals on building designs
• Fully surveyed – our local connections ensure every survey is covered as standard
• Leave us the paperwork – not up for admin? Leave the paperwork with our experts
• Your local builder – more than 20 years of experience and stellar results is what Costas does best

Professional project management

Project management is all a part of the service with Costas as your developer of choice. From planning to construction, we account for every aspect of your project, allowing us to stick to a strict schedule and achieve the desired results with no input required.

Plan, design, submit

Why deal with planning when we can do it for you? We use a professional network of architects and designers to get your project rolling. Our connection with local councils ensures a fast approval process, with correct planning on the first submission.

Compliance-first construction

Compliance is key to building in Vermont South. We follow regulations to the letter and ensure the correct experts are hired to conduct anything from structural tests to soil checks. Our thorough approach ensures nothing is missed, keeping your investment on track.

Leave the paperwork with us

Whether you prefer us to handle the entire development process or don’t have the time, our skilled team can deliver on paperwork management alongside our other services. As an optional extra, we can handle all of the paperwork generated for high density, subdivision, dual occupancy and other builds with no extra work on your plate.

The building specialists in Melbourne

Our more than two decades of skill and knowledge as Melbourne builders make us the ideal team for construction. We utilise our expertise and resources to access the best materials and highest quality tools, using the latest techniques to deliver the ideal result on time and on budget.

Does Costas sound like your perfect partner?

If you’re looking for a developer to make your investment hands-off, then Costas Constructions is the best team for the job. Get in touch with us today to discuss how it works, and find out more about how we could help you as professional Vermont South developers.